About us

Chimaera is a space where artistic minds from diverse backgrounds, generations and disciplines can converge and collaborate.

'Together, we can create something greater than the sum of our parts'

We aim to be a bridge between talents from the fields of music, dance and graphic arts, to create an environment where knowledge and connections are transferred. Chimaera facilitates this talent by creating stage opportunities, thus offering valuable experiences and professional contacts. In addition, Chimaera goes beyond artistic collaborations by sociologically exploring society and encouraging musicological research. By pairing passionate students with experienced artists and recent graduates, Chimaera creates a unique environment for innovation and growth.We not only want to showcase talent with our platform but also emphasize the vital process of collaborative creation.  We are driven by the belief that together, we can create something greater than the sum of our parts.

Chimaera was founded in the summer of 2023 by 19-year-old Silke Hamers, contemporary dancer and singer-songwriter based in Brussels, current bachelor’s student at P.A.R.T.S., 25-year-old Lotte De Munck violinist, master’s student in violin at Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen and musicology at KU Leuven, and 48-year-old Fedra Coppens, violinist of the Goeyvaerts string trio (among others), musicologist and founder of the Suzuki violin school Villa Viola. The interaction of these three individuals results in a strong connection between disciplines and provides deep insight into the relationship between movement, sound and performance. 

We invite you to join us on this remarkable journey. Together, let’s turn visions into reality, ideas into movements – and dream

meet our founders

Fedra Coppens

(pictured left) earned her Master’s with distinction from the Royal Conservatory Brussels. She completed further specialization in chamber music. As a qualified Suzuki teacher, Fedra co-founded the violin school “Villa Viola“. She leads music camps and workshops internationally and has guided her students to global studies and competition wins. An active violinist, she plays with various orchestras and ensembles, including the Boho Strings, and has a passion for chamber music, performing with the Goeyvaerts String Trio, pianist Peter Verelst, and the Clara Schumann Piano Trio with cellist Jan Sciffer. In 2023, she earned a Bachelor’s in Musicology from KU Leuven.

Silke Hamers

(pictured middle) is a 19-year-old versatile artist and creator, currently studying as a contemporary dancer/maker at P.A.R.T.S. (Performing Arts Research Training Studios) in Brussels, connecting with global talents in the dance and music field for the past two years of her study. Raised in a musical household, she has been a passionate singer-songwriter and composer since a young age, publishing her own indie/jazz styled music on all music platforms. She has been actively performing with her music and choreographies around Belgium for the past year, excited to jump into the vibrating professional artfield.

Lotte De Munck 

(pictured right), a young violinist and musicologist. Currently completing her master’s degree at the Antwerp Royal Conservatory under the guidance of Alexei Moshkov, Lotte previously earned her bachelor’s degree at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. She is actively involved in a variety of musical projects and youth orchestras, including Youth Orchestra Flanders, Mahler Student Festival Orchestra, and the National Youth Orchestra of the Netherlands. Lotte’s passion extends to chamber music and lighter genres, where she finds joy in collaboration and exploration. In addition to her musical pursuits, Lotte is pursuing a master’s degree in musicology at KU Leuven, blending her practical experience with academic insight.


Please feel free to contact us by phone or by email. We can also be found on a number of social media platforms

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  • email: info@chimaera.be